Back Arrow (バック・アロウ, Bakku Arō) is upcoming original TV anime directed by Goro Taniguchi and written by Kazuki Nakashima. The anime is set to premiere in January 8, 2021 and run for two cours (half a year).

Plot[edit | edit source]

Lingalind is a land surrounded by a wall. The wall covers, protects, cultivates, and nutures this land. The wall is god... it is the foundation of this land of Lingalind.

One day, a mysterious man named Back Arrow appears in Edger village on the outskirts of Lingalind. Arrow lost his memories, but says that all he knows is, "I came from beyond the wall." To restore his memories, Arrow heads out beyond the wall, but is embroiled in a battle with himself as the stakes.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Back Arrow is set to run over two cours and will begin airing in January 2021.

Episode Date Plot
Episode 1: TBD January 8, 2021 TBD

Staff[edit | edit source]

  • Direction: Goro Taniguchi
  • Series Composition: Kazuki Nakashima
  • Original Character Design: Shinobu Ootaka
  • Character Design: Toshiyuki Kanno
  • Chief Animation Direction: Toshiyuki Kanno
  • Music: Kouhei Tanaka
  • Animation Work: Studio VOLN
  • Briheight Design: Hidetaka Tenjin
  • CG Action Supervisor: Masahiro Yamane
  • CG Production: Dynamo Pictures
  • Photography/Compositing: Chiptune
  • Backgrounds: Studio Wyeth

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